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Herbal healing and the use of home remedies is the oldest and most popular healing therapy around the world. The vast number of benefits provided from countless plants and herbs have been passed down from generation to generation, by way of recipes, mixtures, potions and salves.

Home RemediesAs the process of synthetic medicine, also known as “drugs”, continued to develop, the everyday common use of herbs and herbal remedies almost had become a thing of the past. However, as more and more people become aware of the potential dangers and side effects of many synthetic medications, herbal treatments are rising in popularity once again. Simply, home remedies using herbs is completely natural, considerably cheaper than prescription medication and almost always eliminates harmful side effects.

The ultimate goal of using herbal remedies is to enhance natural healing within our body. This is achieved by re-balancing and cleansing. When necessary, there are a variety of herbs that provide the antiviral and antibacterial qualities we would normally receive from synthetic medications. However, those who choose to use home remedies versus traditional medicine can achieve a health balance, often without side effects. A proper combination of herbs and plants can heal tissue and tone our bodies, but take care to only consume any combination with proper advice from a herbal practitioner.

Top 5 Herbs To Have Handy

If you are looking to always have on hand the most recommended herbs within your pantry, here is a list that is sure to be of benefit for a number of minor medical situations. Avoid heading off to the doctor by having a quantity of these extremely common herbs in your cupboard.

Mint – Mint can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. It of course is refreshing addition to a number of salad, tea and cool drink recipes, but also as a breath freshener. Mint also contains anti-fungal properties, which makes it perfect for maintaining a health digestive system, easing flatulence and calming stomach aches.

Ginger RemediesGinger – While difficult to grow on your own, you can always find a barrel of ginger root at your local grocery. Not only is ginger a wonderful addition to your Chinese recipes, but it can assist with an upset stomach. It helps calm your digestive system and eases gas buildup. It is also proven to increase circulation.

Chamomile – Perfect for relaxation! Chamomile contains properties that induce drowsiness and therefore is perfect in a cup of tea and works wonderfully at calming an irritable child. It also eases colic and anxiety issues.

Thyme – Not only does Thyme taste wonderful on chicken, fish and in soups and stews, but it also aides in relieving stomach cramps due to gas buildup.

Lemon Balm – With its antiviral and antibacterial properties, Lemon Balm has been used for generations to treat colds, the flu and as a general health booster. It works wonderfully on scrapes, minor cuts and insect bites. You will also want to add this to a tea to help with anxiety or insomnia issues.

Herbs For Headaches And Tension

Almost all of us experience headaches and tension from stress within our daily lives. Instead of popping a pill, consider using one of the many herbs that can provide you with a natural alternative and relief.

Some home remedies for headaches and tension are topical, whereas others are mixed for consumption. Both work just as well. While some of the ingredients have quite a strong scent, their aroma plays a key role in creating the comfort element vital in treating the condition. Tiger balm, nutmeg oil and peppermint oil are perfect examples of strong scented headache herbal remedies.

Here is a list of additional herbal remedies to choose from to help bring both temporary and permanent relief to your tension and headaches:

  • Feverfew – has the ability to prevent and stop headaches
  • Ginkgo biloba – improves circulation and reduces inflammation
  • Chamomile – relaxes the body
  • Peppermint – simulates the refreshing aura
  • Valerian – a powerful sedative
  • Lemon balm and passion flower – stops a potential headache
  • Rosemary – provides a calming effect

More Popular Herbal Treatments

Herbal healing is a lifestyle, and as such, for many herbal treatments to be successful, much will depend on the overall health of the practicing person. A well balanced healthy lifestyle, including physical exercise and rest will enhance the capabilities of the following popular treatments:

  • Use Magnolia bark to treat insomnia, an underlying cause for depression and anxiety.
  • Try Phellodendron bark to arrest stress build up and relieve anxiety. It is wonderful for regulating cortisol, also known as your stress hormone.
  • St John wort can be used in small does only to treat the depression and anxiety.

Caution When Taking Home Remedies

While herbal and home remedies do provide a vast number of proven benefits, there are a few that could be dangerous when consumed with with synthetic medications. These herbs alter the effectiveness of the conventional drug and could cause severe issues for the person needing that prescription. Therefore, if you are taking a medication for a serious medical condition, always consult your physician or medical practitioner before adding any herbs to your daily regime or as a temporary remedy.

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