What Is Glandular Fever?

By | July 12, 2013

What Is Glandular Fever?Another term for infectious mononucleosis, Glandular fever is a viral infection that is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. It is sometimes also known as the “kissing disease” because of how it is passed on. Although glandular fever is not highly infectious, it can be passed on through saliva. The people most prone to this are from the ages of 10 to 25 years old, which is how it got its nickname. Glandular fever does last for a long time, and can be infectious for up to a few months after you first contract it.

It can lead to a sore throat, high fever, swollen glands, and extreme fatigue. Although with the proper rest and fluids glandular fever does go away over time, in rare cases it can lead to other complications such as inflammation of the heart muscle known as Myocarditis, as well as Pericarditis which is inflammation of the sac around the heart, and Encephalitis which is an inflammation of the brain. Pneumonia, ruptured spleen and destruction of the red blood cells can happen as well.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as the ones mentioned or headaches, fever, muscle aches, rash, profuse sweating, stomach pain, or depression, it is wise to seek the advice of your doctor who can do a test to see if you have glandular fever. This is especially the case if someone who you have been in contact with suddenly develops a case themselves.

Unfortunately there is no treatment for glandular fever, but there are ways to combat the discomfort you may feel. You should rest frequently as most likely you will want to do this anyhow, as the major symptom is constant fatigue, and you should also drink plenty of fluids in order to stay hydrated. Taking acetaminophen for your fever and pain is also helpful as is ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medication. Usually you are better within 2 to 4 weeks. However, if the symptoms prove to be too much for you and you are looking for an alternative way to help yourself feel better, you may want to consider herbal medicines and natural remedies. Even complementary treatments such as acupuncture and massage can help improve your immune function and allow you to recover quicker.

Since there is no traditional medicine to quicken your recovery you may want to try natural medicine. There are many herbs such as Viscum Album, and Echinacea Purpurea that can provide a great deal of relief of your symptoms. These two in particular can strengthen your immune system while reducing the inflammation of your joints and muscles. They even encourage the repair of damaged cells. Olea Europea helps to fight against the Epstein-Barr virus, while Wild Indigo and Licorice can help to soothe the throat and boost immune functions. Glandular fever can be very taxing on your body so anything you can do to make it better for you will help you recover faster and feel much better.

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