Home Remedies for Your Health and Beauty

By | December 28, 2013

During these tough economical times, home remedies for health and beauty can prove to be an efficient way to save money. Especially home remedies for health and beauty, as when money becomes tight, health and beauty seems to be one of the first things to be put on the back burner.

A wonderful home remedies for your health is drinking a bit of vinegar each day. Now, don’t go drinking the vinegar straight out of the bottle, as the acidic hit can be overwhelming. The recommendation is one fluid ounce diluted with three parts water to help make the vinegar a bit easier to down. The vinegar has several benefits as claimed by several healthy individuals, who claim lower blood pressure, less fatigue, and increasing the metabolism. However, a shot of vinegar a day seems to also be an efficient home remedies for your beauty as well. Individuals remark how skin seems to glow and have a more even tone, probably a result of better blood flow. Vinegar also helps your hair and decreases dandruff, proving to be a wonderful home remedies for both your health and beauty.

If you aren’t a fan of drinking vinegar, an alternate for the acidic solution is black strap molasses. This is primarily a home remedy for varicose veins, or spider vein, when taken once a day, but also aides in blood circulation and those benefits as well. Home Remedies for your skin can be found throughout your refrigerator and even in your bathroom.

If your skin is looking dry or wrinkly, coconut oil massaged gently into the afflicted areas can visibly reduce the problem. Acne and blemishes can also be easily resolved by dabbing some fresh lemon juice to the areas.

Another handy home remedy for acne and blemishes is putting a small bit of toothpaste (make sure it is paste not gel) before going to bed, allowing it to be dried out by the morning. Oatmeal, rosebuds, and avocados all have healthy properties for your skin. A handy home remedy for your hair can be achieved through henna powder. Henna is properly used for dyes on the skin, but a colorless version is available which can help nourish the hair. Mixtures of eggs, mayonnaise and fruits like avocados and bananas can help dried out hair, a simple deep conditioner at a home remedy price.

If you are battling weight and can’t afford fancy weight loss programs to help you on your journey, there are several home remedies for boosting your metabolism. One home remedy for your weight besides the aforementioned vinegar is lime juice mixed with honey and water. Also eating a tomato before breakfast helps curb hunger. Green tea also has several healthful properties, but is an effective home remedy for weight loss. There are several random home remedies for different ailments. A fun one is placing an onion upon a bruise, as the acidic properties help decrease the coloring. Warts can be discouraged by rubbing garlic upon the skin, but make sure just to hit the afflicted area.

No matter how bad your financial situation is, you can use simple home remedies for your health and beauty without breaking the bank.