What can I do naturally to balance my hormones after getting off birth control pills?

By | January 10, 2014

I have been on birth control for most of the last 13 years and am getting off. Last time I got off for a few months, I was breaking out everywhere and gaining weight. I have never weighed over 115 accept when I was pregnant and have never broken out, not even as a teenager. Is there anything I can do naturally to balance my hormones to help the process or speed it along? Thank you!

Just remember that it can take up to 12 months for your own cycles to regulate, also if you had menstrual or hormonal problems prior to going on the pill they may return as they've been left untreated while you've been on hormonal birth control – you know what may happen, so be pro-active by watching your diet to prevent weight gain and try Oil Cleansing Method to help prevent break-outs.

As for naturally balancing your hormones – diet is a HUGE factor in all things menstrual so be sure to eat a good balanced diet, preferably organic…at least when it comes to dairy products, a good multi-vitamin may be helpful too. Take herbal treatments such as chaste tree, evening primrose oil or black cohosh daily – I recommend chaste tree tincture as it's more highly concentrated and easier to take as you just add a few drops to water rather than taking tablets – a good women's blend herbal tea can help too. Try lunaception, that can help too.