What natural remedies will work for my 8 year old with asthma?

By | January 13, 2014

My 8 year old suffers from asthma, coughing which is brought up with a cold and she coughs alot. Is there a good homeopathic remedy or something else thats better that I could give her that will stop the coughing? I tried Respiractin and that doesn't seem to help her.

Don't mess around with substances that could have no effect or a terrible side effect. You are not an herbalist, nor a doctor, which are your two choices at this point.

Asthma can come along slowly, with minor difficulty breathing and then out of the blue, your daughter will not be able to breathe, at all, and when that happens, if you don't have something sure fire on hand to stop it cold, she will die. There will be nothing you can do about it and mouth to mouth doesn't do any good if the lungs are closed or the throat is swollen.

I understand your point of view about homeopathic medicine, and share your inclination but an eight year old with asthma is not a suitable candidate for such treatment and any holistic provider would tell you the same thing.

So, try what you want but always keep an emergency inhaler on hand and also an epi kit for when the inhaler doesn't work.