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Home Remedies For Dogs

For the majority of pet owners, our canine friends are part of our family and therefore deserve the same love, kindness and medical care we would give ourselves. This is especially true with the family dog. Unfortunately, veterinary expenses can become quite costly over time, when in fact those bills are not always necessary. Many of the most common canine ailments can be relieved or cured with the simple assistance of a few home remedies for dogs.

Below you will find a listing of our most recent additions to our home remedies for dogs section. Please feel free to browse through our suggestions, or submit one of your own. If you have found an effective remedy for your dog, please share the details with us here.

Common Home Remedies For Dogs

  • Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy An ear infection is extremely painful to a dog’s delicate ears. Unfortunately, a visit to the veterinarian is just as painful for its owners’ bank account. Avoid the terror to …
  • Hypothyroidism in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment My dog had hypothyroidism for quite a while before I figured out that something was wrong with it and that I should get it checked out. Thus I wanted to dedicate …